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We offer a few options when it comes to Paint Protection for your vehicle. Choose from GTechniq and Polaris NanoShield. Polaris NanoShield also comes as a DIY kit (available in our online store).

Let’s face it. The cost of acquiring a vehicle is not cheap. When you invest in a new set of wheels, it will be a BIG number. Most automotive paints now are water-based. A good idea for the environment but not a good idea for Paint Surface Protection. Environmental elements play havoc on the surface whether it be painted or clear coat. From the sun’s damaging UV rays, to acid rain, to salt spray, to a bird taking target practice – the integrity of your paint finish is constantly challenged. Doesn’t it make sense to try to protect your investment and give your paint finish a fighting chance. Car wax has little penetrating ability. Car wax is just that – wax. Beads water well, but has little staying power. Car polishes are typically used to enhance the paintwork, not protect it.

Why not protect the paint finish with a Professional Service developed just for that purpose.